PPR Pipe

In the world of construction, there are various types of pipes used for building, urban and industrial installations, one of which is PPR Pipe. Sell ​​PPR (Polypropylene Random) pipe which is a sterile pipe made of polypropilene plastic which is heat-resistant and leak-proof. Selling PPR pipes which are thermoplastic pipes which have the ability to flow high temperature pressurized water. Most PPR pipes are dominated by green, however there are several brands of PPR pipes with other colors such as white and gray. Selling PPR pipes suitable for use in various types of applications such as:
*) Sanitation channels for homes, hospitals, industries, hotels and other buildings.
*) Pressurized air ducts
*) Drinking water and liquid food channels
*) Aggressive acid and liquid chemical channels
*) Air conditioner cooling duct
*) Installation of Hot Water, Clean Water, Drinking Water, Chiller Water, Chemical Water, etc.
Our PPR pipe distributor provides PPR pipes of various brands and sizes, buy through us for your needs at competitive PPR pipe prices.

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