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14 May 2020
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To achieve satisfactory results, especially in the case of piping in a project using PVC pipe, in the selection of materials must be considered the function of the installation channel adapted to the classification of PVC pipe to be used. As for some standard PVC pipes that are often determined to be spek on a project are:

  • Standard factory.
  • Standard JIS.
  • Standard SNI.


The characteristics of PVC pipe with factory standard are:

- Class AW (Association Water) and D (Drainage).

- Pipe length 4 meters.

- White or gray color.

Until now we can find various brands of PVC pipe in building materials stores that use class AW and D, but have a quality that berfariasi. Therefore, before buying in retail stores in building materials, you should know tips on choosing PVC pipe.

JIS STANDARD (Japan Industrial Standard)

The characteristics of PVC pipes with JIS standards are:

- Class VP and VU.

- Pipe length 4 meters.

- Gray & White color

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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