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08 May 2020
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PVC pipe with rubber ring joint splicing method different from PVC pipes in general are still using the connection Socket, RRJ PVC pipe system using grafting with a rubber ring so that the Z-Joint Easier jointing
PIPA_PPR_WAVIN_PIPA_WAVIN_SAFE_WAVIN_LOK-89c20-2394_307-t2394_47Kami as distributor pipes reliable supply all kinds of pipe to suit your needs
RRJ PVC pipe or pipe commonly known as WAVINLOK is the right choice for pressurized water project
Characteristic pipe made from UPVC material that is thermoplastic, non-corrosive, good insulator, strong and lightweight
WAVINSAFE and WAVINLOK / PVC Pipe SNI is a network system piping Indonesian National Standard (SNI), which is designed to distribute drinking water and clean water to the community at large, as well as various types of projects.
WAVINSAFE PVC pipe SNI using splicing system with glue or commonly-called Solvent Cement (SC), which brings together the spigot and socket connection Wavin Tropical compound by Glue Glue. The connection of these compounds creates a leak-proof connection system. Cement Solvent systems can be connected using fittings or without fittings tailored to their needs, so that the installation of PVC SNI WAVINSAFE relatively more efficient and economical.
WAVINLOK PVC pipe SNI using splicing system with a rubber ring Z-Joint (Rubber Ring Z-Joint) fused with pipes and fittings so as to create a system that is leak-proof, facilitate the process of joining pipes and fittings, as they only use lubricant in the process of these connections, so the installation SNI PVC WAVINLOK system is relatively more efficient and economical.

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