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Specifications Price Latest Ac Pipe Fittings For YouWe dare to give the price of copper pipe ac cheap and quality. For those of you yanga da in Jakarta Tangerang immediately contact a distributor and authorized agents ac copper pipe we give super discount. Lack of trust please make deals now. Copper pipe is the pipe that is often used in the installation of water / fluid either cold or hot fluid, for example, is for the application of the HVAC system. Some brand / brand of the ac pipe that Artic, Crane, Hoda, Kembla, Mueller, Nippon Steel, Saeki, Tateyama, and others. Pipes made of copper are suitable for use in ac pipe installation, because it is strong against corrosion, the drawback is ac pipe prices are quite expensive.Copper pipe ensures hygiene and water supply. Lead has been cleared of the production process so it will not cause health risks such as the galvanized pipe. Copper also is biostatic, meaning not allowing the bacteria to grow. This pipeline could provide water for drinking is between pH 6.5 to 8.5. The best application is in a building that is connected to the water supply, as well water that may be too acidic. Copper corrosion resistant and unaffected by ultraviolet light, so that it can be adapted for outdoor applications such as sprinkler systems.Unlike the CPVC, copper pipe does not release toxic gases in the event of a fire for anti heat or flame. Variations in the temperature of the pipe is relatively unaffected, although problems may arise when the temperature is very hot and pipelines can explode if they membeku.Pipa more flexible elastic in the earthquake, rather than rigid pipe which could cause additional damage. Leaks are rare, but if it happens, a fitting system and universal size makes it easy to be replaced or repaired ..

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