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Brasco copper pipe
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Specification of Brasco copper pipe

Selling Copper Pipe & its superiority

Multi Application: can be used for several applications such as AC & Refrigeration, hot and cold water, gas reticulation, sanitary and drainage, heating and general plumbing applications.
Strong: Copper pipe has strength so that it can withstand external damage, puncture, abrasion, vibration, pressure and vacuum.
Resistant: Copper pipes are resistant to oxygen, insecticides, solvents
and poison.
Non-flammable: Copper pipes are non-flammable and do not smoke during a fire.
Non-obstructed flow: the joints do not reduce pipe holes, thus providing high flow performance.
Low Friction Loss: Copper pipes provide high flow rates with a minimum of external dimensions.
U.V Resistant: Copper pipes have no effect when exposed to direct sunlight and do not easily become brittle with age.
Anti-Insect: Copper pipe is not susceptible to damage due to insect attack.
Stability: Copper pipes do not expand easily having 7-15 times the strength to withstand thermal expansion.
Healthy & Non-polluting: Copper pipes do not affect the taste of water, and reduce the amount of harmful micro-organisms in the water.
* A study conducted by INCRA in the Nº348 - 1984 project used water that was contaminated with coliform bacteria.
Proven Track Record: is part of a superior piping system with a proven track record.
For a better life: Copper pipes add value and are recognized as superior pipe materials.
Recyclable: Copper is a valuable recycled material
As a supplier of copper pipes we provide and sell various types and sizes of copper pipes with sufficient stock availability

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