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Vinilon Subduct Hdpe
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Sell Vinilon Subduct Hdpe

Specification of Vinilon Subduct Hdpe

HDPE Pipe Specifications Subduct 27 32 BlackSell ​​HDPE Pipe Subduct Fiber Optic | FO 27/32 BlackCharacteristics of PE PIPE
- Has a high flexibility (tensile strength> 22 mPa and elasitas> 700%).
- Have the ability to withstand collisions (Impact Strength).
- Has a low temperature resistance even freezing temperature of water.
- Lightweight (floats in water) with density = 0.94 g / cm3, making it easy in handling and transportation.
- The connection methods are quick and easy.
- Resistant to corrosion and abrasion.
- Smooth surface, will minimize the loss of pressure.
- It is advisable for the distribution of drinking water (environmentally friendly).
- Duration of use 50 years.
Price Subduct HDPE Pipe 27 32 Black

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