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Westpex HDPE PE Pipe 6 Meters

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1. Why is HDPE PIPA?


Excess of HDPE PIPA compared to iron pipe is HDPE PIPE anti-corrosion, durable HDPE PIPE (factory standard is 50 th normal use) and safe for health (PE pipe has "food grade" character). The smallest HDPE PIPE diameter is now the size of 20mm and the largest now has reached 630mm.


2. The shape & package of HDPE PIPE

HDPE PIPE can be packed in the form of bars or rollers, according to the outside diameter of HDPE PIPE:

a. HDPE PIPE in the form of a bar with a length of 6 mtr. or 12 mtr., (may also correspond to the sizes of 5, 8 mtr and 11, 8 mtr., depending on the state of desire). The outside diameter of the HDPE PIPE from 2 inch (63mm) to 630 inch (630mm)

b. HDPE PIPE 50 mtr roller. up to 100 mtr .. Outside diameter HDPE PIPE size ranging from 1/2 inch (20mm) to 4 inch (110mm)


HDPE PIPA size used is OD (Outside Diameter).


3. Standard Water Pipes Ministry of Public Works

Indonesia will need a lot of HDPE PIPE (HIGH DENSITY POLY ETHYLENE). Because the Department of Public Works has taken a standard water pipeline decision that is PIPA HDPE. Why? Because some arguments are as follows:


a. HDPE PIPE hold up to 50 years. use

b. HDPE PIPE (PE PIPE) is safe for health because it is in the form of "Food Grade" and anti rust

c. HDPE PIPE is easy in installation and easy to transport

d. Price HDPE PIPA relatively cheaper when compared to Black Steel or other iron pipe.

e. HDPE PIPA can be connected with various steps, namely Butt fusion joint, electrofusion joint and mechanical joint


Wavin HDPE PIPE is so popular with the epithet of HDPE BLACK WAVIN PIPE. Indeed WAVIN HDPE PIPA body there is a blue strip as its symbol. The blue color may have many meanings, it might mean as a water pipe as well as it might be the distinctive feature of HDPE Black Wavin PIPA.


HDPE Pipe Wavin Black Is a reliable piping system for drinking water applications with special characteristics because made with Polyethylene (PE). The material has a low crack rate and has a high elasticity. Up to have Lifetime more 50 th .. Material PIPE HDPE AWVIN BLACK which is used is pipe type PE-100, PIPAHDPE WAVIN BLACK also able to hold at temperature 20 RC - 60 R C. HDPE PIPE Wavin Black There are in 2 form that is bar rolls

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